The Delhi Blue Pottery Trust studios are equipped with wheels, kilns, - both gas and woodfired and other materials such as clay, glazes etc. An instructor is at the studios six days a week.

Regular classes are held here which comprise of a basic six month course, teaching throwing, making lids and handles, slab work, bisque firing, glazing, and glaze firing.

Weekend classes are held throughout the year, except from1st December to 15th January of every year.

Special summer classes, are held from 15th May to 15th July of every year.

• Visitors and visiting out-station potters can work on a daily basis at the studio.
• The Trust organises day visits for students from schools and/or colleges who wish to work in clay, the purpose being to expose them to the medium and its limitless possibilities.
• Visits to artists' studios, museums and other places of interest relating to ceramics are organised, minimum booking time is six months.
• Lectures and demonstrations are held regularly at both its studios.

For further information contact us at the address on our Contact page.


The Trust in collaboration with Sanskriti Kendra runs the Sanskriti Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre (SDBCC), where in addition to already mentioned programmes, the Trust offers residencies in the following catogories.

Self funded: 4 to 8 weeks
Visiting potters can fund their stay,working in the studios and putting together a body of work, which would culminate in an open house exhibition.

Funded by the trust: 6 to 8 weeks
Visiting potters would be hosted (boarding and lodging) by the trust, they would pay their own fare. They would conduct one workshop of 7 days or two workshops of 4 days each, during this time. The residency would culminate in an open house exhibition.

Special residencies:
Potters wishing to work with traditional potters or relating to any other specifics, May send their requests to the Trust.

Minimum booking time: 6 months in advance
Potters wanting to avail of these opportunities must know either English or Hindi, otherwise they may encounter language problems.

Teaching Centres  
Delhi Blue Pottery Trust 
Delhi Blue Apartments
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New Delhi 110029 India
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Sanskriti-Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre
Sanskriti Kendra Anandgram
Mehrauli Gurgaon Rd, Delhi India
Tel: +91 - 11 - 26963226 
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