2011 - 2012
March 2012  
Our Founder's Day, the birth anniversary of Sardar Gurcharan Singh, was celebrated with series of beautiful talks, slideshows and film sceenings by visiting Estonian and Danish potters, Kylli Koiv, Kersti Laanmaa  & Aigi Orav from Estonia  and Janice Hunter from Denmark . It was a very enriching experience and opened our eyes to worlds as yet unexplored by most Indians ceramists.
The birth anniversary of  Sardar Gurcharan Singh was also celebrated with the annual exhibition by the current students of Delhi Blue. The exhibition was held at the Experimental Arts Gallery at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
February 2012  
Two workshops on The Mystique of Blackware were conducted by John Ferguson of Australia at Sanskriti-Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre at Anandagram, Delhi. The organic yet mechanical looking pieces with a fine satiny sheen won over many hearts.
December 2011
Potter’s Haat, 2011, the first potter’s market held in Delhi at Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram, which displayed the works of 50 potters from all over India and had a range of other activities like hands-on demonstrations and children’s activities.
November 2011
Lacy Porcelain Objects, two five-day workshops conducted by Antonella Cimatti from Italy at Sanskriti Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre New Delhi.
Mask Workshop of 4 days duration for beginners, at Sanskriti-Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, conducted by Leena Batra and Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal.
March 2011
Journey through Clay, an exhibition of ceramics from the collection of Anuradha Ravndranath, Trustee, Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, that spans seven decades of World ceramics.

Exhibition- Delhi Blue Pottery Students ( Please click on thumbnail to enlarge)