2008 - 2010
November 2010
Golden Earth, a seven day international event showcasing the work of twenty potters from all over India and twenty potters from Victoria, Australia. The event included slide shows and demonstrations by the participants and by visiting ceramic luminaries.
Two four-day Copper Red and Printing on Clay workshops by Ric and Judy Pierce from Australia were held at Sanskriti Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, Anandgram , New Delhi.

June, 2010
A workshop in Terracotta was conducted by one of the leading ceramic artists in the country- Angad Vohra- at Andretta Pottery, Himachal Pradesh. From 6th to 13th June, 2010 he taught slip casting and Lustre glazing.
March, 2010
A workshop on “Crystalline Glaze” firing was conducted at Sanskriti Anandgram by Arun Mukhuty from 18th to 22nd Mar, 2010. 
March, 2010
The second annual exhibition of students of Delhi Blue Pottery Trust was held from 5th Mar to 7th Mar, 2010.
February 2010
Raku Workshop of four days duration for beginners conducted by Leena Batra and Rekha Bajpe  Aggarwal at Sanskriti-Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre.
January, 2010
On 15th January 2010, Delhi Blue proudly presented the 2nd Annual Sanskriti- Delhi Blue Students’ Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, 2010. The exhibition was inaugurated by pioneer potter Smt. Ira Chaudhuri. The opening of the exhibition was preceded by a Talk and Film show by ceramic artist, Faculty of Emory University, Diane Kempler of US.
January, 2010
The year stated out with a Throwing demonstration and hands-on introduction to pottery by Studio Incharge Arun Mukhuty and a Raku Firing Demonstration by Leena Batra and Rekha  Bajpe Aggarwal, at Sanskriti – Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, Sanskriti Kendra on 11th January, 2010.
December, 2009
On 10th December, Delhi Blue Pottery Trust presented the 3rd IHC- Delhi Blue “Excellence in Ceramics” Award, 2009, to Ashish Chowdhury of Kolkata at the Annual Awards Function at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi .
December, 2009
From 9th December, Sandeep Manchekar, Mumbai conducted a Lustre firing workshop at Sanskriti- Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, Sanskirit Kendra, Anandgram.
November, 2009
On 9th of November, the winner of last year’s India Habitat Centre- Delhi Blue Excellence in Ceramics Award, 2008, Ajay Mastana had his week-long solo exhibition of his work as a part of his award, at The Experimental Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre.
November, 2009
Exhibition of works of Shortlisted Ceramic Artists for the IHC-DBPT Excellence in Ceramic Award held at Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 2nd to 4th November, 2009.

October, 2009
Delhi Blue Pottery Trust sponsored a solo show by Adil Writer from Pondichery titled “White Rabbit-Ceramics and Paintings” held from 25th Oct to 31st Oct, 2009. The show was inaugurated by Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi .
September, 2009
Art In nature-Film show and Demonstration of Techniques sponsored by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust presented by Gerardo Quiepo from Spain .
December, 2008
On 1st December, 2008, the India Habitat Centre-Delhi Blue Pottery Trust Award for “Excellence in Ceramics” in 2008 was presented at the Annual Arts Evening, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi . The prestigious award went to Ajay Kumar Mastana of Rohtak and was presented by Dr. Nils Roller, Professor Media Theory, School of Art & Design, Zurich .
June, 2008
A Workshop was conducted by senior potter Rachna Parashar on glazing from 8th June to 14th June, 2008.
March, 2008
To celebrate the birth anniversary of our founder Late Padmashree Sardar Gurcharan Singh, an exhibition of the work of Delhi Blue Pottery Trust students was inaugurated on 2nd March, 2008. The work was on display for four days.
March, 2008
A seven day workshop on ‘Crystalline Glazing’ was conducted by Australian potter, John Stroomer, at Sanskriti – Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, Anandgram, Delhi from 11th to 14th March and then from 17th to 19th March, 2008. The workshop was more than successful in that not only did a large amount of testing and learning go into it, but also that good results were obtained, and that too, using indigenous materials.
February, 2008
Bronwynne Cornish of New Zealand conducted a talk, demonstration and slide-show on ‘Hand-building and Making Sculptural Forms’ on 2nd February, 2008, at Delhi Blue Pottery Studio. Bronwynne’s slide show with her unconventional themes and executions opened up whole new avenues of thought.
January - February, 2008
This was followed by the exhibition from 21st Feb to 27th Feb, 2009; the exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Karan Singh. During the exhibition demonstrations and lectures were arranged every day.
January - February, 2008
Organized the largest ever event in Terracotta in the country   titled “Maati”. A total of 100 potters took part including 15 international potters from Turkey , Indonesia , Australia , France , United Kingdom , India , Pakistan , Switzerland and Thailand . The event was spread over one month beginning with a camp comprising 20 Indian and international potters for 10 days at Sanskriti Anadgram, New Delhi .
January, 2008
‘Contexturising Clay for Murals’, a four day workshop conducted by Pollie and Garry Uttley of UK, at Sanskriti- Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, Anandgram, Delhi on 28th, 29th, 30th January and 20th of February, 2008. The workshop culminated with a small permanent mural on the wall and pillars of the ceramic centre, made with spectacular tiles donated by the participants of the workshop.
January, 2008
Bronwynne Cornish of New Zealand conducted a hands-on demonstration of hand-building in clay at Sanskriti-Delhi Blue Ceramic Centre, Anandgram, Delhi , on 12th January, 2008. She enthralled everyone with her sheer mastery over clay, making it live in her hands.
Exhibition- Delhi Blue Pottery Students ( Please click on thumbnail to enlarge)